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Our Products & Services :
The company's drive to innovate better products and services led it to expand into the exploring the brand new niche of producing of customized life jackets. There proved to be a healthy demand for such a service in the market as there was no one willing to go the extra mile to listen and meet customers' needs.

As such, we are the first and only company that produces customized life jackets according to our customers' requirements. Why customized? Simply because we believe that every customer should have exactly what they pay good money for and not have
settle for something generic.

Presently we have also expanded our line of products and services to include water park tubes, water sports equipment, boating equipment and their related accessories.
Waterbike :

The ISLAND CYCLE is the choice of many resorts and commercial rental operations around the world. This is because of the ISLAND CYCLE’S ability to operate and maneuver in rough surf and other rough water conditions. The “POP UP” out drive system is designed to guard against damage from rocks and bottom obstacles, and will smoothly and efficiently propel the rider at speeds of 4 to 6 miles per hour.

The ISLAND CYCLE is the ultimate human powered water cycle. Average riders can maintain speeds of 4 to 6 miles per hour effortlessly. The comfortable upright and adjustable seat allows the rider to propel the computer-designed drive system quietly and efficiently in any water condition. The newest way to enjoy fishing, biking, sight-seeing or any water related activity .

The ISLAND CYCLE has been tested under the most rigorous conditions for over 3000 hours.
ACCESSORIES for lifejackets and buoyancy vests:

available in sizes: 2", 11/2" , 11/4" & 1

  Safety Whistle
  Polyester Webbing Strap
available in sizes: 2", 11/2" , 11/4" & 1
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